10 Make- up Tips to make a guy notice you

Most guys love to look in a girl with a natural appealing make up. It is difficult to impress him, especially balancing a fresh and bare faced look. However, pulling some trending tricks to your face will subtle it.

Here is some make up tips on how to bring the natural yet elegant you:

1. Ditch the Heavy Foundation

Avoid having heavy foundation on your face; remember guys hate a clown look face. You can still use the foundation but not too much. A simple complexion of your face is important. Foundation really is good in hiding some blemishes and spots, but you can try some of the concealers.

2. Light tinted Lipstick

A simple light yet elegant shade of lip tint is advisable. Try using peach color, light pink, or light red tint, to bring the natural color of your lips. Or simply apply lip gloss, just a little color of it may bring enchanting look on your lips.

3. Curl your Eyelashes

Eyelashes are helpful, curl it and put some mascara on. Even though some men don’t approve of make- ups, eyelashes could make wonders. Fake eyelashes are too obvious. It would be better to have your natural eyelash than having the fake one. Just be careful on putting some mascara, make sure there is no clumps leaving behind.

4. Go for the Simple Smokey- Cat eye

Simple Smokey- Cat eye could make you a little head turner and mysterious looking. Don’t exaggerate the trick on your eye. Thin cat- eye with a light shade of smokey eye can do. You could use one or two shade of eye shadow, than having it more.

5. Blush it

Make your blush on a little natural looking; simply use light- pink or peach. It can make you more fresh looking, than having a heavy color blush on. Don’t overuse it; lightly strike your check bone with it.

6. Natural Light Curl Hair

Hair is essential to our looks, make your hair a little curl and wavy. That makes the hair bounce in a beautiful way. You can clip it with a cute clipper in one side of your hair. It makes your earring visible to the crowd. Wear some pearl earrings to make you look sophisticated and elegant.

7. Light Accessory

Wear a silver bracelet or necklace, but not the bulge one. Avoid having too many accessories in your body. That’s not good in pulling a natural yet freshly looking outfit. Make sure your accessories are relevant to your make- up and style.

8. Natural body Color

It is best to let your natural color do the magic than, having self- tanned body lotion to change your body color. But if you insist, you could still have a self- tanned body lotion to make you more sexy looking. But, most guys prefer to see the natural color than the fake one.

9. Outfit

Pull a trick on your outfit, a simple yet elegant and comfortable dress would do. Make sure your make- up fits with your outfit.

10. Sweet Smell
To look and feel fresh, use some sweet perfume than having a stronger one. Most men love the smell of sweetness.

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