How to Look Beautiful

Women usually get make-up before going somewhere place. Make- ups make us more beautiful, therefore it could be firm and proper. Make- up should be simple. It would be best if you’re make- up suits you and the place or events you are attending to. Here are some tricks on how to look dazzling in a simple yet elegant way.
First on the list is the Eye make- up:

1. Eye Trick
Eyes are the windows to the soul and eyes are the primarily reason on a beautiful look. Pull out some tricks and design to make your eyes a little more dazzling. Here are some tricks you can have:

-Smokey Eye

Black or Grey is the traditional smokey color for the eyeshadow, However if you like a little “sceny look” you can use violet, dark green, copper, dark pink, or purple. Eyeliner is advisable, whether you’re a male or female you can apply eyeliner. If you’re a novice you can always ask help to someone who know how to apply eyeliner. You can always make a trick on your eyes.

Eyeliner can make a trick always, cat- like design is commonly use with smokey eye trick. Whether thick or thin, you just have to look and try what’s best for you. You can add a color in your eyeliner trick to look a little better. Choose a color that suits you well on that design.

– Cat Eye

Sophisticated and elegance look is what a cat- eye trick can do. You can pull this off without a smokey trick. Use the right product and make a little thrill or experiment through this. Cat eye is a classic and feminine make up trick that gives a glamorous look in every occasion you will go, even if it’s just a bonding with your friends or colleagues. Cat- eye is a trick that uses dark and bold eyeliners, having them on a winged- like on the upper peck of your eye side.

– Sultry Doe Eyes

Hands up for the sexiest make up trick in town; Sultry Doe Eyes gives a way for the party people. A sultry eye creates a good impression of bigger and wider eyes. Line the whole upper lash line of your eyes close as the lashes to pull this trick with the eyeliner. Go slightly to the corner of your eyes to create a bigger look eyes. Darker and neutral color of eye shadow is best paired with this eye trick to look more appealing and romantic. You can always pull blue, brown and classy black shade to make you more unique with the sultry doe eyes trick.

Just don’t exaggerate the trick or you want to close to the cat eye trick. Nude base matches make- up could help to enhance it into a mysterious look. It is alluring to have a perfect doe eyes look. And the crowd could turn all their heads just to look on an impressive, luminous and styling sultry doe eyes.

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