Different Styles of Yoga

As you all know there are many kinds of practices in yoga. It varies on the capacity and ability of your body. Styles of yoga give you choice of what you want and like. Yoga style must practice step by the step, slowly by slowly and the last one could be the complicated one. However, you must prepare and cautious on doing the style.

Here are some styles of yoga:

1. Anusara
This is a style of yoga that often describe as Iyengar or the purist form of yoga. John Friend American born yoga teacher stated this practice on 1997. He reintroduced some of the elements of Hindu spirituality to a western approached yoga and a health- oriented. The style emphasizes physical asanas that is connected to philisophical aspects of the practice into a set of Universal Principles of Allignment.

2. Bikram
Bikram yoga is practice on a hot atmosphere mostly on saunas. It is practice by 26 postures including two breathing exercises. Usually it is practice in a room with 40 °C (104 °F) with humidity of 40% , this class runs 90 mins.

3. Hatha yoga
This is the most common practice of yoga, it denotes supplementary physical techniques. It is mostly practice of physical body posture, the hatha yoga is originally come from Ancient India; that mostly believes that shiva himself was the founder of it.

4. Iyengar
Iyengar is a form of hatha yoga which is involves the breath control or pranayama and performance of posture or asanas. It gives emphasis on detail and precision that developes the mobility, stability and strength that gains to asanas.

5. Kripalu
It is a practice with three parts, the first is the posture of your body next is the postures held with extended time and last is the meditation. Kripalu practices the following of prana’s flow or the life- force energy, this is a practice to develop mind and relaxation of the body.

6. Kundalini
It is a practice of pranayama, chanting mantra, meditation and yoga asana. It aims to cultivate spiritual up bringing of the body and soul.

7. Sivananda yoga
This is a practice which focuses on the health and wellness of the practitioners. This style revolves on frequent relaxation and full breathing practice style. Sitting straight on spines and naturally closing thier eyes.

8. Viniyoga
This practice style is about conventional stretching exercises, it uses the principle of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). This is a practice of an individual who wants to try to move hes/her muscles without stretching it first, and it may cause some injuries.

9. Vinyasa
This is use to enter and exit of asanas and appeals to seem aerobic kind of yoga practice.

10. Yin
This practice is a little bit slow, asanas is held longer in time. It applies moderate stress to the nerve tissues, tendons, fascia and ligaments. It improves the flexibility and the flow of “qi” in the body.

Whatever you may choose, the style of yoga must be appropriate and compatible to you. You should be aware of what are the styles of practices you want to try.

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