Fragnance Just for You

Your personality and essence is connected, every person that you bump have different scents. Like your mother who smelled like sweet chocolate and vanilla, your husband or boyfriend that smelled like any ralph lauren signature fragnance cologne. Every person have their own signature cologne that make you know who are they even if they are 50 meters far from you.

Cologne or perfume is like your personal id to you, its like your calling card and comforter to anyone. Therefore, it is best to stick with the best fragnance you like to use.


Perfume or parfum is a mixture of fragnant essential oils, fixatives, aroma compounds and solvents that give a distinctive, sweet, spice, soothing scents to humans, animals, foods, or any other things. It said to be that modern perfumery started during 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aromas. And from that day forward perfumery enhance and develop more essential essence to commercialize.

Most of the people love to buy perfumes that are really long- lasting and magical to smell. They usually go with the signature ones, because of the unique essence they give. develop

Here are some of the different types of colognes:

1. Spicy Scents

For those who love a rugged- look this scent is best fit on you. Spies up your scent by this Old Spice or rather Obsession for men. It creates a deeper leathery seasoned effect.

2. Citrus Scents

This fragnance is freshly clean and uplifting that projects a tangy sharp aroma, this is for the women who want a smooth yet refreshing scent. Comes from citrus fruit, like tangerine, mandarin, lemon and lime.

3. Floral Scents

This category or types of fragnance is mainly and commonly made by flowers, such as roses, gardenias, carnation, jasmine, and orange blossoms. They are blend together to make a sweet and distinctive floral bouquet essence.

4. Oriental Scents

This exotic and luxurious scents are compose of a mix of amber, resins that are types of this kind, balsams and spice. This fragnance is best on winter season, because it gives a warm essence.

5. Chypre Scents

This fragnance created by the French Perfumer Francois Coty, this is a mix of notably woodsy- moosy essence. The name derived from the island of Cyprus wherein Francois discover it.

6. Green Scents

Loving is green, this fragnance is best work for the outdoorsy woman. Mix of juniper, herbs, leaves, pine with a blend of grassy sharp notes to create a memorable sporty and on the go essence.

7. Fougere Scents

A french term fragnance that pronounced as “foo- JHAIR”. Even though this fragnance is a bit manly, still there are women who loves to use this scent. A mix of moosy herbs and fresh ferns that creates a suburban sophisticated style.

This seven types of fragnance gives you some choices on picking the right perfume to you or rather give you some hints about the perfumes or colognes you usually use on everyday living on home or on work.

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