Handbags and their Types

There are many types and kinds of handbags, a lot of variety, shapes, styles, colors and fabrics. Bags is not just for making fashion but also to carry your belongings.

The bags categorize on how they are carried and styled, here are some of the categorized bags:

1. Clutch

This kind of bag is having without a handle it could be tucked under your arm or carry only. This handbag is relatively small and often use in evening parties. Clutch can hold little things like keys, driver’s license, lipsticks and the like about it. But nowadays there are clutch that are big and become popular.

Clutch could be hard- cased or frame and they can also soft body. They are made up by different variety of materials like silks, sequined fabrics, or patent- leather.

2. Handheld Bag

Obviously talking this kind of bags are small and only be held by hands. This handheld bag is bigger than clutch but smaller than shoulder bag, it shouldn’t be slung over the shoulder because this is only for handheld.

3. Shoulder Bag

This kind of bags are really big and can hold a lot of things like wallets, keys, cosmetics, cellphones, notepads and the like. They are slung over the shoulder, and normally compartmentise with a lots of pockets in and out of it’s body. It is the most common and practical bag use by women.

4. Messenger Bag

This kind of bag is the best of all because you can’t loose them, they are commonly called as cross- body bag. This bag comes with a variety of style and size, they are commonly use by students and travellers.

5. Tote Bag

Tote bag are casual bag and with only one opening and compartment. They are usually big and falls around the elbow. They are best use for outdoor activities and shopping.

6. Backpack

These bag usually have two straps and worn on the back, it is commonly use by most students. It’s intended to carry heavy things such as books, notepads and other heavy things. Backpacks are usually made by nylons but they can also be made by leather or canvas. This type of bag is the best for hiking, travelling, camping and other activities.

Personal types of preference depends on the choice of handbag what you need to carry on going out. In any circumstances or any special occasions, women are usually have a favorite bag that they daily use; and only switchig it in bigger or smaller bag.

That size depends on the things that they will take with them and the activity that they’ll be doing on that specific day. This categories of bag helps you determine the type of bag you will choose and use for future purposes. You can always visit your favorite stores for the brand and style that you want to buy. Just make sure that the product of the store is really reliable and trusteed.

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