Skin Care for You

As the sun shines very bright, most women are afraid to go out because of the sun rays. Missing the fun under the sun is kinda devastating, afraid of your skin to become a little brunt for this season.

You don’t need to have intensive skin care, there are ways to help protect and prevent skin problems. And help you delaying skin aging, get started with this basic tips to protect your skin on harmful sun rays and aging.

1. Protect your skin

Use sunscreen lotion with a high SPF formula, apply it generously on your skin. And reapply it again every two hours, even when you are perspiring.
Wear shades, that will help you cover your eyes and a little part of your face.
Wear some protective clothing, or some clothes that are helpful on protecting your skin on harmful sun rays.

2. Treat your skin smooth and gently

When your taking a bath, limit your time, use warm water not hot on taking a bath. The warm water and long hours of shower removes all the oil from your skin.
Use smooth and gentle soap, not the strong ones. They removes and strip the oils from your skin that makes it dry.
Pat dry your skin after taking a bath, tap it gently so that the moisture still remain on your skin.
Use some moisturizer on your skin, that will help you maintain your gentle and smooth skin. It’s better if the moisturizer is rich in SPF formula.
Shave carefully the hairs on your skin, apply shaving cream and use sharp and clean razor. And if your shaving, shave it on the direction the hair grows, not on the opposite.

3. Refrain from Stress

Stress can cause skin problems, acne breakout and it can make your skin sensitive. Proper maintain and balance your mind to avoid being stress out. Set your limits and scale it, so you can manage your self.

4. Avoid Smoking

Smoking could make your skin wrinkles and aging fast. It makes the tiny blood vessels narrows that make the skin decreases blood flows. The oxygen and nutrients depletes because of smoking. It also damages the elastin and colagen of the skin, it is fiber for the skin that makes it elastic and strong. Squinting and inhaling your eyes to keep out smoke and pursuing your lips can contribute wrinkles, smoking also contribute some skin problems.

The best way to keep your skin healthy is to quit smoking. Ask some advice, tips or guides to your doctor to help you overcome your addiction on smoking.

5. Live a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet living helps gain more nutrients for the skin. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains. According to some research, foods that are rich in vitamin C and low processed and refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats promote younger looking skin and wrinkles free face. It states that the association between diet foods and acne breakout isn’t clear.

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