Summer Skin Care Tips Only for You

The most important part of being beautiful is your skin. Therefore, you are oblique to take good care of your skin. Even if your tan, pale- white skin, or black- skin, whatever is your skin tone and type and your age; it doesn’t matter as long as its healthy.

Protect your skin on harmful rays of the sun, avoid being under the sun when the rays are too hot to stay under it. It is not just for beauty and fashion but it also for your self to be healthy and less worry for any skin problems that you may encounter. Let us give you some tips on this summer season.

1. You must be sun protected, avoid being under the sun during 11 pm to 3 pm. That’s the time when the sun rays are too hot that may cause skin burn. Don’t forget to apply skin moisturizer that has SPF, and re apply it always after two hours even if your still inside your house.

2. Use or apply some toner, it helps you feel cool and besides toner’s keep the pores close; look for the perfect brand of toner that fits you.

3. Cleanse your face twice a day every day and before sleeping you must cleanse it too. Even if your inside your home cleanse you still have to cleanse your face.

4. Use some water- based moisturizer, it is essential to keep your skin hydrated. Water- based moisturizer stays on your skin and keep it moistured even if you are perspiring.

5. Stay hydrated everyday, it is natural to sweat or perspire; therefore always replenish the liquid in you, drink a lot of water to regain it. Besides, it helps your skin to stay moistured and soft.

6. It is important that once a year you need to exfoliate, it removes the dead skin and let your blood circulate properly in your face. Look for the best brand and proper exfoliation process.

7. If you want to get glow this summer season, use papaya to get the perfect glow you want.

8. Want to feel cool fresh skin on your face, cucumber with a mix of yoghurt can do it. Mix it and apply on your face, enjoy the cooling freshness after.

9. Avoid or Ditch Aerated drinks, this drinks are full of sugar that are harmful for your skin and figure. Instead, drink water, fresh fruit juices, fresh lime juice or coconut water to stay hydrated. Also minimize drinking caffeine and alcohol, they reduce the water in your body.

10. And lastly, the most common of all; be healthy. As always being healthy keep your body in place. Healthy living lifestyle really help maintain and improved your skin and body. It also keep your body away from any diseases and skin problems.

Living in a healthy way have many benefits that you, yourself needs. Eat a balance diet with proper time of sleeps everyday. Don’t stress yourself too much, avoid having mental panic.

You can enjoy summer getaways with this tips. Enjoy playing and exploring under the sun with your family or love ones.

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