Jewelries on its Fashion

Every woman is addicted to jewelries, it is said that jewelries makes a woman happy. A lot of women shop their life out for picking the newest style of a set of jewelries. And obviously, it’s a pocket buster for a set of it especially those with a diamonds or having a higher karat.

It is a perfect way to enhance your best features and bring life to your fashion. These jewelries can make statement but, it can make the statement gone wrong; because it worn on wrong fashion sense. Jewelries can make your outfit stand out with just one piece of it. Just make it simple or make it more catchy on eyes, it’s the secret of jewelry piece.

From your earrings to your necklace to your bracelets to your rings and anklets; it comes with all forms, colors, designs and sizes. Here are some tips that might help you on wearing the right jewelry.

1. Keep Simple
Simple clothes with big accessories are best worn. On wearing bold jewelry pick a dress with steer clear of busy pattern and embellish with sequins. Match your item wisely if you want your statement to stand out.

2. Less
Don’t over- crowd your look by wearing them closely, bold pieces should stand out. Wear it only one at a time but, if you want to wear another statement; don’t wear bracelet and ring statements together and also avoid wearing necklace and earring statements at the same time. If you are wearing chain necklace make sure that you don not layer it in many strands.

3. Right Necklace
Wearing your statement necklace with right neckline is the best. The ideal dress for that is v- neck, strapless, off- the shoulder, scoop neck and tops, as your statement necklace do the talking for you.

4. The earrings
Statement earrings are the first to notice, they are ornate, beautiful and a head turner piece. Choose a piece that enhance your face shape and features, wrong pair of earrings are distracting. Keep your hair sleek and not too big if your wearring dangling earrings. Just remember always that wearring that piece is about balance.

5. Ring on you
Wearing bold ring on your hand is worth remembering as it draws attention. Make sure your ring and nail polish are not colliding with each other. If your nail polish are multi- colored don’t wear rings that are bold and colorful. Have fun with this smallest piece of all the statement, the better if it’s the bigger and brighter. Just always remember that the key is balance, so wear it one at a time.

Glam up your look by choosing the right piece for you. Different statement of pieces of jewelries with the right outfit to match. Be wise and cleaver enough to choose what piece is the best for you. It is not about the price but it is about the way you wear it with taste and balance.

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