Perfect Shoes

Shoes is a one thing that you don’t wanna miss to buy and wear. It is the final piece to complete your outfit of the day. A perfect shoes with a perfect design and color is the best to make your look appealing eye catchy to everybody. Suffer in pain, no more; cause there are shoes that is comfortable enough for you.

This simple tips will help you choose a perfect shoes for you:

1. Flats
If you’re wearing cropped pants or narrow pants, flats is perfect for that outfit. Choose flats with a slight lift in the head if you are wearing mid- length skirts.

2. Boots
Don’t cut off your leg at its thickest point for flattering boots. Knee boots are perfect if you are a narrow leg under the knees; they are generally easy to wear.

3. Pumps, heels and wedges; there are many things to consider with these open- toe, peep- toe, slingback, stiletto and more. Avoid wearing ankle- strap and T- strap if you have a shorter legs because it can make it look more shorter. The thicker the heel the more comfortable you’ll be and it is look like you are more business like but, thin heels are more flaterring.

4. Sandals
Sandals can make your feet look longer, because it shows more skin on your feet. Follow the suggestions for high heel shoes and pumps, if you are wearing sandals with heels. Conssider the style or not for casual sandals like flip flops.

5. Loafers and Oxfords
Loafers and oxfords are both classics menswear- inspired, its perfect to wear it with pants. You can pair your oxford or loafers with skirts if it’s with heels.

6. Athletic Shoes or inspired
The most important thing to choose athletic shoes is to know your activity. Buy running shoes that the insole is will give your feet support they need if your a runner. Most important in buying athletic shoes, is that you are comfortable with that.

There are three things that a women wants and consider in picking shoes.

1. Comfort
In picking shoes always remember that natural materials are comfortable than synthetics. Buy shoes that are half size larger so that you can add insert but don’t buy shoes that are too big and large for you if you want. Small shoes are hard to walk with.

2. Classic
Wardrobe essential shoes are those black shoes. But, there are more classic than that like high heels in brown leather, snakeskin and black velvet. You can always go with a retro style sneakers, T- strap flat sandals and leather clog if you want a classic casual shoes.

3. The latest
Brand names and designers are always in trends shop on them if you want to have it. Your shoes look au courant with bold patterns and bright colors.

Women loves being in trendy and fashionable. Shoes make the fashion world goes round and lively, without them there’s no life in it.

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