Tips on fashion clothes

There are many styles and trends for a clothes. You just pick the right one that fits and emphasize your body. Here are some of the tips that will help you on picking dress that you want to wear.

1. You can show some skin strategically, that makes you more sexy and a little bit mysterious.

2. Round up some white buttons down, they keep ball skirts from drifting into fantasy land and they elevated jeans.

3. Accessorize yourself with bright colors, these will make you more energetic and lively.

4. Know your body curves and figures, these will help you on fitting and trying on clothes.

5. Most women’s mistake was to wear pants that don’t fit the shoe length. The hems should 1/2 inch off the floor and graze on top of shoes.

6. Wear some scarf on you, that’s the best accessory for women.

7. On attending evening parties, make your hands free from your purse or bags.

8. You should try to wash your dress a few many times, to test if the garments are strong enough.

9. Hold and embrace your body shape. The more sexier you look when the clothes are perfectly fits on you.

10. In going in a dressing room you should been prepared. Try and choose what perfect dress will bring your body on top of the fashion world.

11. Before and after you lift your fitting room or dressing room, always check out yourself on a mirror.

12. Street fashion and simple way, denim jeans will make you hot. Go with a smaller one, they usually stretch and hugs the curves of your butt and legs.

13. Layering your necklace gives you a glamorous and authoritative aura.

14. Always open your mind in any comments or suggestions. Don’t be stubborn in choosing some clothes.

15. Show some loyalty on your designer’s clothes and store or in any brands that you usually wear.

16. Wear nude pumps when you are in doubt on what to wear. That will perfectly fits in any clothes you are wearing.

17. White clothes always make a see through during daylight. It gives emphasize on your aura and poise.

18. When you are buying some coats, never buy a boring one. Boring coats collide with your good fashion.

19. Thicker waistband emphasize your hip’s curve. With it you can style any loose clothes to fit you.

20. Try men’swear, that makes you look rugged and simple with a touch of boyish character. Some of the women loves to wear men’s clothes, they usually feel comfortable with that.

With clothes, you are free to show the world what personality and type of person you are. Remember, clothes are connected in you. You don’t need to be always in a newest and trendy clothes. You just have to wear your own fashion with confidence and poise. Be who you are and make your self stand out in a crowd. And always be open minded to everyone.

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