Tips on picking Perfect clothes for you

Clothes, the most important and essential element in a fashion world. The clothes portray what kind of personality you have. It is also your mask if you want to hide your personality in a way that you like it to be. The more styling and unique your clothes is, the more you are like a star in a broadway show.

Here are some of the tips on how to pick clothes fit on you:

1. The first one is to research on things that are trendy on fashion magazines or internet.

2. Know your body shape, if you are petite, tall, slim, or more like a curvier. Your body shape is really essential to know, it use to determine what kind of clothes are going to fit your shape.

3. Determine your hair color whether you are blonde, brunette or a red hair. Hair colors can help you choose what color of clothes you can wear. So that your hair color and clothes won’t collide on each other.

4. Just like your hair color, know or determine your skin tone. In that way you can resist some clothes that is not suitable for you.

5. Choose a clothes within your size, whether sitting or standing clothes should glide over your body. You can buy some larger size for an appropriate width and length.

6. Accentuate your clothes, it is best to accentuate your upper torso than your waistline.
*Try an empire waistline with your dresses and tops.
*You can layer a top tank or camisole with a free- flowing open blouse.
*Slimming line, v- necks can create
*It is more revealing to try dress rather than a two- piece outfit.

7. Try and learn how to wear jeans
* Don’t involve the bulk of your jeans beneath your long top, shorten your top like 3 inch below your waistline.
*Try a higher slighter jeans because low- cut jeans may not be appropriate on it.

8. Dark colors can make you slim, and even being monochromatic is slimming. If you want to reflects the red highlights in your hair, wear earth tones. Medium tones enhance your fair complexion while pastel colors enhance dark complexion. And patterned fabrics are difficult to accessorize and match.

9. Choose and wear the right accessories.
* In attending formal event wear earings and necklace that are match with each other.
* Long scarf or necklace can make you slim.
* Low heels shoes goes in anything.
* A small purse is all that needed or essential.

10. Find and locate a new store for your new changes.
* Make someone accompany you to shop on you new clothes, someone who knows and understand fashion.
* Be open on any comments and don’t be scared on trying something new.
*Emphasize your tone, unique body shape or curves, eye, and hair color; not the latest trend on wearing your clothes.
* Coordinate and connect with your existing wardrobe.
*Think about your undergarments too, and look for a good plus size store in your town.

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