Types of Shoes

If you are thinking that only women love shoes, your wrong. Men also love shoes, aside from watches; shoes is their first choose in shopping out. They usually spend their money off with just a pair of shoes.

Here are some of the men’s shoes:

1. Oxfords
This kind of shoes is I V- shape slit vamp with a lace attached. That is the feature of oxfords or what they call balmorals.

2. Monk- straps
This shoes use buckle and straps to secure the shoe around the foot. They don’t have laces to tie it in a secure way.

3. Blὕchers
They are a kind of shoes that much similar to oxfords. But, their laces are glue on the side and stitched to the vamp of the shoes.

4. Brogues
Along the visible edges of material it features decorative separations and perforations. Today, brogues have many design that could be use as casual shoes.

5. Slip- ons
Elastic side shoes and loafers are the popular form of this shoes. They don’t have many securing mechanisms.

6. Cap- toes
This type of shoes has much more popular designs, and it features extra layer of leather.

7. Plain- toes
This design doesn’t features any additional layer of materials on vamps of shoes.

8. Chukkas
This kind of shoes are business casual boots. These shoes are comfortable and unpretentious, yet looking sharp for most of the social occasions. The availability of these shoes are widespread nowadays.

9. Dress Boots
This type of boots every man needs, they look meticolous and respectful. Mostly of these are made by leathers; black or brown leathers.

10. Duck boots
This boots can protect your foot in wet areas, because they are waterproof. This type of boots are perfectly fits on the northeast, where dreadful grey puddles and bodies of water in the street.

Athletic types of shoes should comfortable on foot. Just like on women in picking athletic shoes. They are various kind of athletic shoes just like, track shoes with spikes, running shoes emphasizing it’s cushion, climbing shoes with lightweight and rubber exterior, skating shoes for skating purposes, cycling shoes model with bicycle pedal interacts and wrestling shoes with protection and additional tractions.

These are just some of the types and kinds of shoes men’s usually have on their wardrobe.

Dance shoes for girls are ballet shoes, they are made by soft materials, pointe shoes that have a hardened sole so dancers can stand up on their shoes. There are also dancing shoes like dance sneakers, tap shoes, ballroom shoes, tango and flamenco shoes and jazz shoes. That shoes are particularly on dancing purposes, they have also many designs and colors. They are mostly price in a higher rate than ordinary kinds of shoes.

Just always remember that when you choose your shoes make sure it suits you well. Balance your outfit in a perfect way, and let everybody look at you with admiring eyes or let the crowd turn their head unto you.

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