Beauty tips on Summer

Keep your face fresh and beautiful under the hot sun on this summer season. Here are the tips that can help you stay beautiful and radiant.

1. Try and opt for the long lasting lip gloss or a lip balm. That would shine your lips under the sun, glossy lips make you more radiant.

2. Wear a maskara on your eyes, no need to have a smokey eye shadow or cat eye. Maskara would do better to your summer looks.

3. Gel blush is better to apply on your cheeks. It is bright yet translucent for a lit- from within pop of color.

4. Protect your skin in the sun, use moisturizer that have a higher SPF formula. If you want to be a little tan, apply tan sun screen moisturizer to your body.

5. On this summer season the sun shines so bright. Better wear a hat, when you stroll outside under the sun. Pop out a floppy topper, you look stylish and smart by it.

6. When having pool party, hit the shower first. Dry hair strands will wet before filled with chemical liquid on the pool.

7. Use or apply a primer, it gives your bronzer, foundation and blush something to hold- on and it makes stay longer.

8.Try a topknot on this summer. Its better quick and easy and much cooler for long heavy hair. Just pull your hair strands on a ponytail, tie, twist and poke hair pins after into the coiled locks.

9. Bright up your day with your colorful hair. Or you can visit your salon to fix your hair color. You can try braid on pigtails, that will make you look cute and jolly.

10. Have a waterproof make up in this summer season. That won’t messed up your pretty face and the make up won’t smudge on it.

Drinking too much water will help your skin moisture. And it helps on avoiding skin breakouts and dehydration. You can use body cream, it is to for this season. It is oil free and also for sensitive skin. Skip your make up and put some concealer on, that will make you look radiant. You can put white eyeshadow if you want to emphasize your eyes a little bit. You can put false eyelashes to make your eye flirty. You can add maskara on your false to make it look real. You can try something new with your newest style idea.

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