Eye Makeup

Play and indulge in some eye makeup trick that you don’t wanna miss. Don’t be scared on trying something new in your face as long as it is skin friendly and acceptable.

Here is some of the eye make up trick:

Gothic eye style
This eye makeup trick will rock your eye beauty in just a snap. Just put a black eyeshadow on your eyes, or you can have three layer of it to make it more heavy looking. Use dark eyeliner or any color in designing your eyes. Put a little art on both side on the corner of your eyes. Have a maskara after, just think of different art that you can make on the side of your eyes.

Dramatic eye style

Dramatic eye look are perfect with bold shadows from gel shadows. Experiment your eye with a liquid eyeliner or a pencil eyeliner. You can use false eyelashes to make you more dramatic.

Cat eye mix with smokey eye are the best trick for another dramatic eye style. The unique the color and design of eye shadow the more it gives an awesome view in your pretty little eyes.

You can try reverse wing eye, a new look for diverging eye. Use liquid eyeliner, make it thick and put a sharp pointing design on its side near your nose line. The liner must in the lower part of your eyelid under your eye.

You can use this trick in going on work, use some skin toned eye shadow to make it more irresistible and gives an authoritative aura.

Are you a fan of exotic ideas? Try this exotic eye makeup trick. It is very acceptable in any occasions. Pull some crazy ideas and colors to make it more exotic and fabulous. Try a fairy essence color, that’s a combination of light and colorful eye shadows; like red, yellow, pink, sky blue and neon colors.

You can put some flower designs or leaves on your art if you want it. The exotic trick are just like putting on a smokey eye style with a touch of gothic style. The components of these exotic eye trick are patterns, texture and colors.

On pulling exotic eye trick, use some wavy lines, alternate dots or unusual shapes and patterns on your face. You can put false eyelashes to make it sexier and pay attention to your lower and upper eyelid and your lower eyelash. To get a little more exotic, replicate animal colors and marks is a trendy way. Example of it is leopard prints, racoon eyes and tiger stripes.

This eye trick is best on the beach or hitting a dance club on evening parties and jamming. Get all ideas and experiment to make a little thrilling on the style that you pick. There’s no wrong and harm on trying. Pick and try the one that suits and compatible to you; and every woman has a unique taste and style.

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