The advancement of technology is arising to the highest level even in cosmetics. Majority chooses a makeup that will not only make them beautiful but can also show more natural look. Instead of using different traditional ways of makeups and its materials such as sponge and brushes, it is now modernized into an airbrush makeup. An airbrush technology was first used in for paintings and automotive works but now it has invaded the makeup world. This may be new to the majority especially for those who haven’t tried this way of makeup, it seems intimidating and complicated to use. But not really, you can always learn from it through practicing and there are also available kits that is suitable for everyone. However comparing to the traditional way of makeup, airbrush makeup is more expensive due to its complete kit such as the compressor, airbrush gun and the foundations but it’s worth it and will soon pay for itself.6

Airbrush makeup is applied using an air compressor. Hollywood artists and those makeup artist in television and movies uses this kind of makeup for years because it makes the skin looks more natural, smooth and shiny than applying the traditional one since it is not rubbed and elaborate the pores. The best part of this airbrush machine is that you can bring it every wear because it is handy. In this case, you can offer a flawless and fresh look wherever you are no matter what occasion it might be. It gives a long lasting makeup that doesn’t look heavy yet so natural as if you are not wearing any makeup.

Aside from its natural look, airbrush makeup is preferred by most women because it does not damage the skin. When using an airbrush makeup, the amount of foundation is low and so it is less harsh on skin and hence doesn’t give a negative effect. In fact, it is mixed with water and applied that make it so refine. It also dries fast and stays intact in longer hours due to the presence of water as compared to the traditional makeups. If you are new to this way of makeup, you can ask the help of those professional makeup artist, they will assist you on how to use and even answer all your questions correctly. Like what best brand to purchase though there are several airbrushes available in the market that you could choose from.5

Other than the application of foundation, airbrush machine can also be used in an application for an eye or lip makeup. Since it lasts for longer period of time, this is really useful for those who have an acne prone skin and it is the most durable for all skin types. To help you out, you can search through the internet the best brands and less expensive airbrush machine that will suit you. You can also watch different videos regarding brush makeup to give you an idea of the flow on how to use it and how great its effects.

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