Jewelries are so beautiful and precious. It is a special matter in our lives whether it holds monetary or sentimental value. Jewelries helps brighten up our personality including the way of fashion we are wearing, it adds beauty and sparkle. But the main question is, how to clean those jewelries? If you own a jewelry, you wanted it to always shine just like the first time you bought it. But as the time goes on it will become dull, dirty or tarnished. However it’s no problem since there are several steps in caring your jewelries by simply cleaning them. But before that it is also important to know the different kinds of metals or stones your jewelries have simply because there are some materials in your jewelry that requires special cleaning process. You need to consider this caution in order not to destroy the beauty of your jewelries. So be sure to consult an expert or follow the proper cleaning instructions for the type of jewelry you have.

Cleaning you jewelry at home.6

ALUMINUM FOIL – tarnished silver is unavoidable specifically if you are always using it. So to clean your silver jewelry, you need to use an aluminum foil, crumple it on a tray, put your silver jewelry on it then pour a baking soda and a boiling water. Then rub the jewelry against the foil and last, wash it with an ordinary water. So simple right? You can definitely do this step in your homes.

VINEGAR SOLUTION – this is an excellent cleaning solution for your jewelries. All you need to do is to simply soak your jewelry into the vinegar and brush it gently using a soft bristle brush to remove the dirt. That easy! This is good for gold jewelries and those gemstones.10

SOAPY WATER – there are jewelries that can’t be cleaned using harsh solvents like pearls and turquoise. However there is still a way in cleaning them using soapy water. Simply make a solution of warm water soaked with a mild detergent soap then quickly dip your pearls or turquoise in that soapy water and end it with simply wiping it with mild cloth or cotton.4

AMMONIA – clean your diamond jewelry using ammonia solution and water. You need to submerge it within 15 minutes and use a soft bristle brush to clean them and make them sparkle again.

As what you can see, there are several cleaning solutions for your jewelries that can be done in your home and are available in the market. But remember always that there are many kinds of jewelries and some are so sensitive, so you must know what kind of jewelry you have and choose the proper way of cleaning it to avoid damages. You can also utilize the internet to search what are the other ways or safer ways in cleaning the kind of jewelry you have. This will save you a lot of trouble and will ensure that your jewelry remains beautiful and sparkling for years to come.

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