All kinds of bags whether it is a handbag or a designer bag, those are one of the most essential accessory being used by women today. No matter what weather, what fashion trend or what its brand name, bags are traditional stuffs that will complete the total outfit of a woman. Going to the different places and walking anywhere, we can see the different types of bags being used by women. They vary in shape, size, color, brand name, material and price. Some bags are made for fashion purposes while others are for daily use. Depending on the size, you can put different stuffs inside a bag that is why it is more useful since it is not only for style but also for convenience. Since women use different types of bags for different occasions and different purposes, it is also important to know the most common and dependable bags that are being used and available on market today.types-of-handbags1

Minaudiere Bags – this is a small sized bag that is decorated with gems or ornaments such as beads. Though it is small still it’s useful for you can use it as a kit where you can put your cosmetics, jewelries and other items that will fit in this small sized bag.

Laptop Bags – from its name “laptop bags” this is made by laptop manufacturers in a fashionable way. This will serve as a bag where you put your laptop inside. Before, laptop bags are just plain, simple and black in color but now it comes with different sizes, with different colors and designs.

Satchel Bags – adorned with buckles and there’s a sling attached to this kind of bag and it is soft inside. Majority of professional woman use this kind of bag because it is spacious and classy. This can also fit on both formal and semi-formal outfits.

Sling bags – simple and easy to carry bags being used most of the time by women. It has a strap that goes around the body or on one shoulder. It is spacious and preferred by most women especially on ordinary days.

Messenger bags – majority of messenger bags are being used for functional purposes though you can put many things such as letters, files, reports, and other business related documents specifically for those who work in an office. It has also a strap or a string that goes around the body or for just one shoulder.

Envelope bags – from the word envelope you can imagine that it is flat and rectangular like an envelope. Though you can only put basic stuffs inside because it’s flat, still it is trendy and stylish.18410257-Collection-women-s-handbags-Hand-drawn-vector-isolated--Stock-Vector

Knowing these different types of bags are useful for you will be able to distinguish what kind of bag you need to buy. But the very important thing is that bags are not only for fashion and style but rather it is also created to make our lives easier. No matter what size or what brand, any woman can use these bags.

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