Clothes in Different Body Shapes

Body shapes is important when it comes to clothes choices. There are different types of clothes that only suitable for the right body shapes.

Here are some of different types of clothes that fit in your body shape.

1. Wrap Dress
This type of dress accentuate the waist of a woman. It is fit for those who have a pear- shape body figure. It is also good to accentuate the body proportions of the bearer. It is a dress that has a feminine touch which emphasize the curves of your body.

2. Maxi Dress
This type of dress is for the woman with a long torso, not a petite one. If you have a boyish type of body; this type of dress is perfect for you. Although this dress is for anybody, petite one should choose small printed patterns design of Maxi dress.

3. Mini dress
Mini dress perfectly fits to the petite ones. It accentuate your legs to look more long. If you want to look even tall wear a nude high heels with this mini dress. That will make you look tall and sexy. In addition, everybody can wear mini dress as long as they like.

4. Sheath dress
This type of dress can worn by everybody. This will fit well in an apple shape figure body. Don’t wear small dress because that won’t hide what you are hiding there. Sheath dress can be worn by any body shapes.

5. Shirt dress
Shirt dress is perfect for those have an hour glass body type. It emphasize your waist. This is way better for those women whose satisfied of their body shapes. This type of dress is not very forgiving.

6. Peplum dress
This type of dress is for those gals who have a broad shoulders. It can help you find some balance because it has a flare on the hips. It is good if the flare was wider so, it will suit your broad shoulders.

7. A- line dress
This type of dress is very flattering and it is wonderful because this dress can work for anyone. Tall gals is perfect for this dress, they are often favored by A- line dress. Although this can work for anyone, petite gals not really perfect for this. Both apple and pear shape body types can enjoy wearing this A- line dress.

8. Slip dress
This type of dress lately is getting trendy in a runways fashion. You can dress this up depending what you want to pair with it. You can wear also a jacket above this dress to look more grunge.

9. Lace dress
This dress is a classical one but this is the trendy one on a fashion trend list. People just can’t get enough with this lacy dress. This make you look delicate and sophisticated in a classic way.

10. Party dress
This type of dress can make you look festive and jolly. Party dress can be feathered, bejewelled or even transparent panels designs. This is for everybody with different body shapes and styles.

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