Figure and dresses

Know your body type before shopping a new dress. There’s a guideline on a perfectly fit dress that according to your body shape. Don’t buy a dress that not suitable for body, that might cause your dress to destroy your aura and fashion.

Here are the type of body shapes that you must know.

1. Busty
Busty body type are those bust are large, your hips are wide and your waist is not well defined. The key is to draw attention up to your face and balance your broader upper body with your narrow lower body to create an hourglass shape. Choose a dress that will defined your waist and adds curves to your body. If you want to show your legs, you can but; don’t too much show off with that if you don’t want to look top- heavy.

2. Apple
This shape is when you carry all your weight in the middle. You have a typical slim legs and an undefined shorter waist. Empire waist dress will help you with your body shape and you can show off your legs.

3. Hourglass
This type of body shape is curvy. Your hips and bust is proportion with each other and also your upper body and length of your legs. Fitted tops, v- necklines, open necklines and natural waistlines is best accentuate your best asset. And also wrap dresses will perfectly right on this body type.

4. Slender
This body type has a thin frame throughout. Fitted dress is best to accentuate your figure. Belt around your waist or a dress with slit can create curve and add dimension in your body.

5. Petite
Petite are those with 5 ft and 3 inches below. Showing off your legs can go along the way. It will help you appear taller along with asymmetrical hemline. It will overwhelm your figure if you wear a full length gowns and full skirts. Feminine, delicate dresses are a great compliment to your body type.

6. Pear
This body type is when your hips are larger than your bust and your waist is well defined. The waist is the best asset in a pear body shape. Add a volume to your upper body is the goal. De- emphasize your lower body and emphasize your small waist to create a balance. Full A- line skirt and fitted top is best for a pear shape body type.
All you have to do is to choose and wear the right dress for your body shape. It doesn’t matter what design is that dress as long as it is fitted and suits you well.

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