Tips for skin care

Daily annoyance of a shiny face that resembles as an oil slick, it is difficult to control oil skin. It is frustrating to know the fact that there are products claiming to eliminate oil but unfortunately there are ingredients that can make it worse. And irritates your skin and trigger more oil production.

The result of genetically determined hormonal changes in your body is an oily skin. Take a critical look at your current skin care routine, is the first step in caring for oily skin. Avoid irritating ingredients in a product at all costs.

Here is the step by step skin care guidelines for you that will help you control your skin less oil, small pores and few breakouts.

1. Cleanse
Twice daily, use a gentle, water soluble cleanser when washing your face. It should be rinse without leaving a hint of residue. And it should not contain drying cleansing agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (drying skin doesn’t help anything truly) and it should fragrance free.

2. Tone
An important step for oily skin is an alcohol free toner loaded with antioxidants cell communicating ingredients. It helps skin heal, minimize pores by reducing imflammation and removes the traces of dead skin cells. Or remove make up that clogged the pores.

3. Exfoliate
This step is the one of the most important skin care tips for oily skin. Along with a thickened pore lining, extra thick layer built up dead skin cells on the surface of the skin as it is oily skin. To remove that build up exfoliating is the best way, reduce clogged pores and white bumps as it make skin smoother.

4. AM sun protection
Sunscreen is essential for preventing wrinkles and reducing red marks if you have an oily skin. Sunscreen will make your face protected against the sun.

5. PM hydration
Choose a lightweight liquid, gel or serum that contains no pore clogging ingredients at night. That can provide hydration while treating your skin to the essential ingredients at all skin types. It needs to function in a healthy, normal manner such as cell communicating, antioxidant and skin repairing ingredients.

6. Absorb excess oil
You still need to use oil- absorbing products as you begin to control your oily skin. This step is only optional, but many; find this helpful in maintaining their oily free skin. You can use this by weekly, biweekly or even daily.

Products that makes your skin tingle actually don’t help for anyone’s skin. It means that your skin is getting irritated and that is not good for you. Products that contain pore- clogging or emollient ingredients might make your skin worse and oily as it is. You can use liquid, serum or gel formulation products that the solid ones to avoid clogging of pores and getting greasy.

It is important to maintain your skin and always free from oil. Oil is important for skin but too much of it is enough. Don’t let your face to be sticky and oily.

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