Tips on choosing footwears

Choosing the right footwear is really important and essential. There are times that we need to choose the one who fits perfectly with our feet and outfits.

Here are some of the guidelines on picking them up:

1. When wearing your shoes, wiggle your toes inside of them to know if it is not small for you.

2. To see if they pinch or rub, try to walk a few steps.

3. When your feet are at largest, buy shoes in the afternoon because feet swell a little during the day.

4. Choose shoes that are the upper part of it is leather and allow your feet to breathe and mold well to the shape of your foot.

5. And lastly, buy shoes that are appropriate in events that you wish to attend to.

Wear poorly fitting shoes can be made worse and most adult’s problems. And baldly fitting shoes can also very damaging to feet.

Here are some tips on how to look for a shoes:

1. Heel
The heel should no greater than 4cm (1 1/2”) and have a broad base.

2. Heel counter
This stabilize the foot upon ground contact and reinforce the heel cap.

3. Upper
To keep feet feel comfortable, they are naturally and ideally made by natural materials such as breathable fabrics or leather.

4. Sole
This provide the protection for comfortable walking, cushioning and enough grip to prevent slipping.

5. Linnings
They are made by breathable materials such as fabrics and leathers to keep the foot fresh and they should smooth and seam- free.

6. Fastenings
They help to hold the foot securely within the shoe and usually they are made by laces or straps with buckles or touch fastening.

7. Toe box
This allows the toes to wiggle and sufficient depth to prevent rubbing.

8. Insole
This is removable preferable to allow easy insertion of orthoses or padding.

Comfortable shoes work correctly on your feet and they don’t restrict the movements in them. Here are some guide for fitting them.

1. Between your longest toe and the end of the shoe, make sure there’s half inch or 1 cm of space. You can press the upper to locate your toes as you check it.

2. Wiggle your toes to check if there is still room for it.

3. To accommodate your whole foot their should enough width on your shoes. And there should be no pressure on the joints on the side of your shoe.

4. Shoes shouldn’t slip on the back for comfort. Push your heel to the back of your shoe if it slips when you walk. And try altering the straps or laces to improve the fit against your foot.

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