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Black is beautiful, white is wonderful. Sometimes, we tend to say that for us to look beautiful, a fair skin is a must. Having awesome skin will make you look more youthful and feel healthier regardless of how old or youthful you are in years, and nothing makes you feel as sublime as having sparkling or brilliant skin. Some are born fair while others just work it out. If you are the latter, I will give you tips on how to achieve a fair skin. There are a few methods for dealing with your skin by utilizing the stuff as a part of your home, for example, organic products, fruits, vegetables and some more, which can work ponders over the long run. While maintenance could be expensive and might damage our skin cells, you can never go wrong with the natural way!

Egg Yolk:
Egg yolk is best home remedy for fair skin. Take the yolk. Put it in a bowl and crush it into paste. Apply a spoon of honey and curd to it and mix it properly. Now you should put this mixture on your face as a face pack. Allow it to dry and then wash off with cold water. Do this daily for at least two to three months to notice results.

Lemon juice can work wonders on your skin. You can apply it any time but do it as often as possible in a day for a quicker results. Lemon might leave you pinching sensation for quite some time but that’s natural. So, don’t treat it as a side effect. Natural products except curd have no side effects if applied on skin. One lemon each time should be sufficient enough. Do like this for at least four to six weeks before you check your face in mirror only for changes in complexion of your skin.
Honey is one of the best methods of getting fair skin folks. Just get a tea spoon of honey and apply it on your face and massage gently in circular motion. You are supposed to do this at least twice a day-morning and before going to bed. After a couple of weeks, you will notice that your skin has turned into lite golden complexion. Please note that you should not use milk with honey as it’s not advisable.
Bananas are rich in vitamin A, B and E and hence work as an anti-aging agent. The fruit when mixed with honey gives an instant glow for your skin. Mix 1 tablespoon of mashed banana and ½ teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your face and wash with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Repeat this method once in two days for best results.
Yogurt when applied on the face can lighten blemishes and moles, make freckles disappear, kill acne on the face and lighten suntanned skin. You can prepare a nourishing facemask mixing 1 or 2 teaspoons of yogurt, and 3-5 drops of lemon or orange juice. This will give a natural clear, fair and glowing skin.

Cucumber promotes skin fairness. You can smash the cucumber into paste and apply it on the face. This vegetable contains elements that reduce the melanin and minimize the skin tan.

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