Hair styles with bangs is an easy, low maintenance yet fashionable way to update any style you want for your hair. Bangs are great for women who wants to achieve a sexy and chick look all the time. Besides there are different hairstyles available in today’s generation but having a hairstyle with bangs work to a great variety of women since it fits to the different shapes of faces and work for almost everyone no matter what your style is. There are plenty of bangs hairstyles to choose from. Lots of celebrities are wearing bangs at the moment. Well if you don’t know what type of bangs that fits in you, you can always consult a hair expert on what’s the advisable hairstyle and bangs applicable to the shape of your face. You can also search through the internet the different hairstyles, different shapes of face and different hair bangs styles that’s best for you. Below are some types of bangs for everyone.5

BLUNT BANGS – the most trendy of all looks are blunts bangs because it suits a wide variety of face shapes. The blunt bangs is cut below the eyebrows and are done covering the forehead maintaining the same length. It is cut straightly and precisely from side to side. It’s so stylish and falls in your brow line when it dries.

SIDE SWEPT BANGS – this style are usually for those women who haves square shape face or with at least strong jaw lines. Hair of one side is brushed to sweep across the forehead. So this cut is called side swept, an extremely popular hairstyle.

DISCONNECTED BANGS – from the name itself, these kind of bangs are those who are not connected with each other. If you want to change your appearance to a great extent, this style is best for you. Its cut are in an unexpected location and lengths yet the angles are present on both sides.

WISPY BANGS – oval face shapes or those with larger foreheads best suits to this style ofbangs to soften their features and emphasize their eyes. So ask your hairstylist to have this kind of bangs.

CHOPPY BANGS – it’s like a scissor cut look and with a textured choppy look. Basically, choppy bangs is the modified variation of blunt haircut and it is more appropriate for short hair.4

Among the choices above, it is up to you to choose whether what style of bangs that will best fit to you. But you must always consider the shape of your face, the length between your neck and shoulder in choosing a bangs hairstyle. Bangs can be choppy, wispy, disconnected, side swept and blunt so it is very important to consult first your hairstylist. But whatever it takes it is your own style and fashion, it is still up to you on how you carry yourself well and the best thing about bangs is that you can change the look if you don’t like the result.


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