Clothing Tips

As we all know that everyone doesn’t have a perfect body figure. When shopping for a new set of clothes always keep in your mind your body figure. It will help you choose what kinds of clothes you are going to buy and wear as it accentuate your assets. Here are some tips that you may want to know in choosing your clothes.
1. For the women that has a pear shape figure, the dress should not be shorter an inch or two above the knee if you have a full hips and thighs. Select a dress with A- line skirt but not too full length or you can have a halter- top or a plunging V- neck to draw attention to your upper body.

2. If you have an apple shaped body that has a thick waist, choose a clothes that will make your torso longer looking and to draw attention away from your waist. Drop- waist or empire suits you as its re defines your waist. And also avoid wearing some thick belts.
3. If you have heavy arms, avoid wearing cap sleeve dresses and sleeveless; choose bell sleeves or billowy to hide your flabby arms.
4. Avoid deep plunging necklines if you are not endowed with ample bust. Select clothes that have adornments, sequins or bandeau neck to add dimension on top. You can also wear layered necklace as they add dimension into your bust too.

5. Women who have big bust are suitable to wear halter tops and deep Vs as they emphasize it. If you want to balance your body, you can wear an A- line skirt that falls inches above your knees.
6. Wrap dresses are perfect for full- figured women while plus size can wear clothes that don’t cling and drape nicely into the body.
7. If you have a thin body avoid wearing knit dresses or sweater instead wear some layered clothes. And also if you have a long thin legs it’s better to wear longer flowing dress and avoid mini- skirts. Bubble dress and thick belts looks better on you as it gives a larger appearance of your body.

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