Skin Care Tips

Every skin should always well taken care and healthy. Fair, smooth, soft and clean skin is most beautiful of all. And of course what more if your skin is also radiant, you are more like a living goddess. Here are some tips that might help you to achieve a radiant skin.
1. I know that you heard million times about the sunscreen but it really helps to protect your skin and make it to look younger. As we all know that the sun can harm our skin and make a lot of wrinkles on it. As the major role of sunscreen is to protect us from harmful UV rays.

2. After you use your make up brush you have t clean it. Brushes or sponges in your make ups that never been wash could have bacteria that can cause skin breakouts or acne. You should at least wash your brushes or sponge 2-3 weeks or once a week. Lukewarm water and a drop of facial cleanser may use in washing them.
3. Using serum is way better to use cream, serum is more concentrated than creams. Antioxidant in serum helps fights radicals on skin. Collagen boosting and support gives the skin to become firm and gives a youthful appearance.
4. Smartphone that you are using might full of bacteria or viruses. Better sanitize it after or before using it. That bacteria or viruses that came from your Smartphone can share it to you because of the skin contact on that said device. Especially when you are having a phone call, the virus or bacteria may stick unto your cheeks or jaw line.
5. Use retinol, retinol helps boost the production of collagen and helps skin cell turnover. It can reverse the growth of abnormal and cancerous growth of skin cells. It also has a great anti- inflammatory effects and effective in treating acne, skin aging and wrinkles.

6. And of course, sleep on time and follow the sleeping hours. You should always take 8 hours of sleeping. Most people called it beauty sleep, sleeping lessen the stress you feel and at night-time your skin is rejuvenating. So, you better sleep to make the skin cells work faster during its rejuvenating process.
7. Pores are getting big once they are filled with dirt, oil, keratin and dead skin cells. So it is better to exfoliate if the pores are small. Use products that has a salicylic acid and glycolic acid to treat them and after it use some cleansers to make your skin smooth and soft.

The most important is to eat a balance diet, good sleep and everyday cleaning of yourself to take good care of your skin.

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