Tips on picking a Heels

Heels especially stilettos are really have a killer looks when you are wearing it. It gives emphasize into your feet and add a little bit of height on you. But when the pain strikes, it is not good to have a scowl and limp on foot. Here are some of the tips that might help you on wearing heels.
1. In wearing heels, put pressure into the ball of your foot and to the toes that is about some women who wears heels with 3 inches or high. They can shift the pressure of the body weight. If you want lesser pain choose 2 inches of heels.
2. Choose heels or stilettos with a wide toe box and extra cushion inside. Pointed stilettos are the worse shoe to wear but if you can handle it, why not wear it; but you need to be a little extra careful.

3. Slight heels or wedges are great to wear; they add extra height on you and a little pressure in your forefoot.
4. When attending a party or going to and from work, consider yourself to bring extra shoes. And you can change it with heels or stilettos once you arrive at said event to minimize the time for your feet to suffer with the heels.
5. You can have kitten heels if you don’t want to suffer much for your heels. They are foot friendly and can be use for a nice dinner party on a fine dining restaurant.
6. Be careful in choosing some shoes to wear the higher the heels the higher the chance for you to fall down and twisting of ankle. You can choose and wear slights heels and wedges with a strap to secure your ankle.
7. Be careful on wearing peep toes as they sometimes overlap or slip forward. They can also be a reason for ingrown nails as the nail pushes into the skin.

8. And lastly, visit a doctor or any medical assistance if your foot is injured or being troubled. Or you can seek any advice on someone to know what types of shoes you can wear.

To make it being safe, don’t wear heels everyday as the tendons in your foot may shrink and cause some serious injuries. Instead wear them only during special occasions. In wearing heels you should always keep in mind the consequences after.

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