Tips on Putting on a lipstick

It time to accentuate and play the colors of lipstick on wearing them. If you want to wear a dark lipstick color, make your make up light. And if you have a smokey eyes your lipstick should be light. You don’t want to look like a clown right? So better follow those idea. Here are some of the tips that would help you decide what lipstick is best for you.

For those who have a plumper lips, apply a lip liner just about your lips and dab a lipgloss in the middle of your bottom lips and smack it up.

There are two shades of lipstick that really looks good on few people, brown and orange shades and also corals are shades that mostly few people suits it. A darker shade of your natural lip color is the best color for everyone.

Liners can be use as a base for your lipstick. The lipstick will last longer if your lips is filled with liner. Use nude liner lip for the light color lipstick.

Never use a dark liner lip for those light color lipstick. That would ruin your look, and it is not balance. Always make sure that the liner and lipstick are in match.

You can blend some lipstick for better looks. Play the colors and blend them according to your taste, but with the right blend of colors.

If you don’t want to mark your glass with a lipstick, lick your lips before sipping in it; it does works.

There is a trick for you not to have an excess lipstick on your teeth. Pop out your index finger in your mouth after applying the lipstick to avoid those excess lipstick to stick on your teeth.

Lipstick can also act as a blush. Pop a small dot of lipstick into your thumb and rub it on your face to act as a blush.

People are really getting older, so the older you are the creamier your lipstick would be. The shade should also suits you.

Try a bluish undertone lipstick to camouflage your yellow teeth. That will be a great help for you.

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