Best make up that will suit your face

Not every make up suits your face, there are make ups that won’t fit on you. It is because of your face shape. The face shape dictates what color and make up really suits your face. Make up can trick the eyes that looking on your face but not the face that wears the make up.

Here are some of the tips to know what is your face shape:

1. Heart Shape
This shape has a wider forehead and narrow chin. Feminine tones and brilliant lip color will make fit perfect on this kind of face shape. That will reduce some strong razor sharp cheekbones to become more mild looking.

2. Round Shape
This shape has a forehead and lower face same width with prominent cheeks. Smokey eyes and bronze will make your face look dazzling and perfect. Play according with the colors in your eyes and don’t use too much bold lipsticks.

3. Square shape
Angular jawbone and hairline is what a square shape face has. Feminine and soft make up with ethereal shimmery texture is what looks good on this face shape. Play along and choose color that will make your face looks soft and delicate.

4. Oval Shape
This shape has a forehead and lower face with same width just like round face but has a longer sides. Define your eyes and lips and use some bronze or rosy blush on on your cheeks to cut down the length of your face.

5. Diamond Shape
Diamond shape face has a narrow hairline and the jaw line comes to a point in the chin starting from the ears. Natural make ups look good on this shape not too much color but more enchanting to see and just defined your eyes and a little shiny on the lips will do.

6. Rectangle Shape
Obviously the name says it all it has a long square like face shape. Just like oval shape you must use bronze or rosy cheek blush on for the cutting looks on your face and defined your eyes and lips. That make up will perfectly do good.

7. Pear shape
Pear shape has this shape that the widest point of your jaw is lightly wider than your hair lines. This kind of shape is beautiful and most make up style do on this kind of shape. Experiment and try some make up style on this face and look for more suitable on this.

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