Types of footwear for women

Most women loves shoes because they believed that good shoes takes them to good places. Basically, there are many types of foot wears women could choose from the most expensive to the cheapest and from the most fashionable to the simplest yet it seems that all women have this need to have at least a single pair of all the types. Women are the most fashionable than men, they wear the type of foot wears depending upon the event, work or situation and their attire will be incomplete without the correct pair of shoes. Among all the styles of shoes women prefer to choose those that will make them look attractive, stylish yet comfortable to wear. There are many types of foot wears for women but following are the major types of latest foot wears for women.4

HEELS – actually there are different types of heels and each category comes with different measurements in height. Women love heels, the higher it is the more they feel classy and attractive.

FLATS – from its name flats, these are flat shoes type that is very opposite from heels. It has flat sole with no elevations at all. But still it is trendy, easy and comfortable to use at any occasions specifically for longer hours of usage like that of travelling, going to shopping, walking and partying.

BOOTS – these are shoes which completely enclose the entire foot and mostly include the knees, it can be flat or heeled. For those people who are living in a cold place or weather, boots are the best choice but for others, these are only for necessary use.

WEDGES – these type of foot wear is almost similar to heels but the only difference is that there is no separation from the heel to the sole. It looks very trendy and can be worn mostly on all types of occasion and they are comfortable when compared to footwear like stilettos.

SANDALS – having a completely or a slightly elevated sole but not so trendy type of foot wear. These are for casual use. It’s the opposite of boots since these are completely open or only a few parts are covered. Usually sandals are made of straps.

SNEAKERS – a casual type of shoes yet very comfortable. These are best for outdoor activities such as running, hiking, biking, walking and all sorts of sports. Sneakers also protects ones foot from injuries especially when during longer hours of activities.AAA

Women consider shoes as their best friend and no one can take these away from them. There are expensive foot wears with high end brands and mostly they are made of high genuine materials. On the other hand there are affordable foot wears that are made from quality materials. No matter what brand and price it may be women and shoes are inseparable. The style will always depends upon the individual’s choice but one thing is for sure, it is always part of women’s fashion.


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