The fashion world wouldn’t be complete without high heels. It is always part of a women’s fashion. High heels has been trendy all over the world and almost majority of the foot wear industries manufactures shoes for women simply because women loves shoes especially high heels. But the question is, why women do love wearing high heels?5


Wearing high heels makes women appear more confident and good looking. Basically there are different types of high heels with different designs where women can choose from. Some are formal while others are colorful and more fashionable but above all high heels makes a woman feel good and slimmer which in turn makes her feel more confident.


This is the main reason why women loves wearing high heels because it makes them look taller. Most women wanted to add height in most cases because it is always an advantage. All women can benefit from high heels especially those who are petite. They make use more on the higher height of heels to make them look taller. Making one to appear taller will also create an impression.



Women dress to impress, every foot wear they wear must always compliment with the way they dress to grab attention. High heels especially those that are stylish grabs the attention of both men and women.


Here are the basic types of high heels:4

WEDGES – wedges are the trendiest and thick amongst the types of heels because it is flexible meaning it can be worn on summer, special events and any other occasions. It is also easy to wear and comfortable to use. It comes with different styles and height and preferred by women especially when they need to wear high heels in longer hours.

STILETTOS – stilettos have slimmer heels and the sexiest type of all high heels. These never goes out of style and are highly popular since a long time. The highest type of high heels and preferred by most women to wear because of its sexiness it draws the attention of men. Unlike wedges, some women find stilettos difficult to wear because its heels are high and thin.

KITTEN HEELS – kitten heels are the popular choice of women due to the fact that its heels are short, comfortable and stylish and are easy to carry off. This is not new to everybody since it is introduced way back late 50’s. It has a casual look as compared to the other basic types of high heels.

PUMPS – pumps are versatile yet classy type of high heels. These shoes are extremely lightweight and are pretty comfortable. There are various kinds of heel length for pumps but still it looks very professional.

Women can benefit from wearing high heels and there are a lot of good reasons why you should have one. Men loves women wearing high heels due to the fact that it looks more seductive and sexier. So high heels will never get old and will always be part of a woman’s life.


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