Choosing the right shoes for less Pain

Once you choose and buy shoes in the shoe store it should be perfect fit for your foot and your foot don’t struggle too much in wearing it. Some shoes deform your feet unintentionally especially those shoes with high heel and narrow toe box.
Here are some tips that will help you choose shoes for you:
1. Once you buy shoes, don’t get too impulsive. Just you see that your favourite shoes are on sale you have to buy even if you don’t really need it. That’s not proper you have to save your money and buy only shoes that you think you need to have.

2. In buying inside a store ask the saleslady to measure your foot. Because foot tends to change their sizes. Always be patient and don’t rush things in a minute.
3. Be persistent and patient in choosing the right size for your feet. Don’t push your foot unto shoes that are not on your size.
4. Buy shoes that you can wiggle your toes inside of it. Round toe box or rectangular is appropriate if you want to have more space to wiggle your toes.
5. Flats are often making your foot pronate or the foot roll inward while walking. Instead choose a shoe with a half inch heels or exactly 1 inch. Or rather shoes with an arch- support for your ankles and foot to make it stable.
6. In wearing heels, always avoid wearing it in a long time. The foot will deform if every day you are wearing heels. The higher the heels the higher your feet will suffer and push all pressures into your toes.

7. Wear wide, comfortable and or sneakers for walking shoes or having a little walk outside.
8. And lastly, if you can’t walk with your shoes don’t buy it. There are still many shoes in the store that you will certainly love.

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