Trendy Fashion Tips that you might love

Wearing clothes is what we always do every day, Choosing the best clothes for us is our goal. Every girl always does have their own taste and style and that is why fashion comes in. Fashion is what you and how you dress according to your taste and style that will favor your body and beauty. Here are some of the tips that might help you with your fashion.

1. If you don’t want to see those fat ankles, you can wear some jeans. Boots with jeans is really nice and you can wear it as long as you tucked in your jeans inside your boots. Skinny or not you can tuck it in.

2. In wearing some necklace, know what type of clothes you are wearing. It is crucial if you don’t know what kind of neckline clothes are best in some necklaces. Example: turtleneck is best with a long pendant.
3. You can play along also with your layering trick. You can have two to three clothes wearing together. As long as your layering trick wasn’t bad to look and comfortable for you.
4. Rip jeans can also be stylish; patching rip jeans is a new style for teens. Try some unique design of cloth and patch it in your rip jeans and make some little embroidery on it. That will make your rip jeans a little new and good.

5. You can make some trick in wearing some long sleeve polo. You can fold the sleeves up into your elbow to make it more rugged or you can just leave it touching your wrist. You can also open the 2 up buttons of your polo or you can hang it open wide with a tight sleeveless shirt inside. You can also tie your polo up within your hips to expose your sexy belly button.

In whatever might be your clothes you just have to be confidence in whatever you wear; clothes doesn’t decide your fashion it is you who decide it.

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