Beauty Tips just for you

Face is the most important part of your body. It is your priority to take good care. Your face should not be oily, dry or having blemishes or acne. Face is also the most sensitive part so better choose and wear make ups that can’t do damage into your face. Here are some tips that might help you in taking good care of your face.

1. First take 1 tbsp of un- boiled milk and dip cotton ball in it and apply it into your whole face into circular motion as it gives you a mask; better wash your face wih cold water.
2. Next is, take a slice of un- peeled cucumber and rub it into your whole face and neck and stay it within 15 minutes wash it with cold water after the time.

3. Then, you can have tomato rub it in your face and neck after 15 minutes again.
4. You can have lime juice extract and rub it firmly into your neck and face 3 to 4 days with a scrub.
5. For oily skin, you can have diluted limejuice extract to put into your face before putting some make ups.
6. You can also have diluted buttermilk dabbed into your face for 15 mins and wipe it gently with a moist cotton wool before applying foundations or make ups.

7. And then, rub your face with an ice cube.
8. Lastly, if you want to close your pores. Slice the apple into thin slices and place it into your face for 15 minutes and soaked it with extract oil.
These tips will make your face become radiant and glowing, you can choose what type of tips you are going to try or use. It depends on your taste for choosing what you think is the best of all.

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