Irresistible Beauty Tips

Fashion and beauty is what makes the world of women round. There is basically the price for every woman. As we loved to give some tips on beauty tricks, we come up with this tips that will help you with your beauty tricks.
Here are some tips:
1. The right way on washing your hair is to rinse it first. Warm water really helps in washing your hair as it rinse some oil into your scalp and open the cuticles in it. As you wash it protect the end strands of your hairs in that way it can avoid some split ends.
2. When you want your eyeliner to stay long and will not smear off, use eyeliner that is long lasting and it is better if its waterproof based.
3. When you wear perfumes it should be compatible with the essence of your outfit and the smell should harmonious and balanced blended with different notes.

4. After taking a bath don’t forget to apply lotion or keep your skin hydrate every day.
5. Brush your hair with your fingers as it gives you a tousled look and for the slick back hair you can use hair serum.
6. If you want to wear red lipstick it should always be based on your undertone. If you have a warm undertone use cool warmer red and if you have a cool undertone use cooler red.

7. If you want to remove those dead skins of yours, use exfoliator but limit yourself in using it 2-3 times a week to avoid drying your skin. Use only a gentle scrub on your face and a coarser scrub for the rest of your body.
8. Always use moisturizer with SPF even if it is winter season to take good care of your skin.
9. In wearing foundation it should not be heavy and you can use damp sponge in applying liquid foundation for best result.
10. If you want to look a little flirty use silvery- blue eyeliner into your lower eyelid.
11. Use concealer into your lower eyelid or in upper to make your eye shadow stick on it and last longer and also to absorbed oil.
12. In using some eye shadow primers place it only where you will add the color.
13. Use dark glue if you want to use false eyelashes at it blends into your eyelash.
14. Cream rogue or blush should be the first to touch your skin to make you look or project a healthy and pinched cheek.
15. Carrots are really good for your hair and healthy balanced diet leads to a beautiful you.

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